Training Courses

Below are the training courses that I will be offering. If you are interested in any of the courses, you can click the link below the course to complete the application form, or you can contact me at:

All courses are accredited by FHT and IMA, and will be held in Chapel-en-le-Frith, High Peak. Contact me to arrange training dates. If you have a group of six or more and host the training venue, a discount can be arranged.

In addition to the course price, you will be required to purchase a WaveStone kit, either directly through The WaveStone, or via myself. This costs £120 and includes:

WaveStone Online Workshop

This course includes:

You will be required to have:

Once you have ordered your WaveStones and kit via the shopping cart your kit will be posted to you. You will then be assigned an instructor closest to you. Once you have received your kit please contact the assigned instructor who will arrange an online Zoom meeting with you at a mutually convenient time.

If you decide to undertake the Full One Day Course you will receive a £30 Discount off the price of the Full Course.

Individual or group training can be provided. To sign up you can go through the WaveStone website or contact myself directly.

This course will cost £150

Included in the price of this course is the WaveStone Therapist Kit

Visit the WaveStone website

WaveStone Treatment

The WaveStone Relaxation Massage Course (Includes Deep Tissue)

This course, which requires candidates to be qualified at a minimum of level 3, focuses on all types of massage including deep tissue and is designed to enable massage therapists to deliver safe and effective massage treatments. The course is particularly aimed at therapists who undertake treatments in the following areas

In most cases, therapists who complete this course and practice with the WaveStone for a minimum period of two months, are then eligible to undertake our Cellulite treatment module

This course will cost £150

Application form

The WaveStone Sports Massage Course

The course requires candidates to be qualified to a minimum of level 4. In addition to the teaching of certain sports massage techniques, therapists will also learn how to safely deliver treatments to clients that include:

While this covers a certain amount of the same ground as the Relaxation massage including deep tissue course, it focuses a little less on massage techniques and rather more on how the WaveStone can be used to treat a range of clinical conditions.

Although therapists who complete the course and practise with the WaveStone for a minimum of two months are then, in principle, qualified to take our Cellulite treatment module (see below), we would suggest that our Relaxation course might provide better preparation for this.

This course will cost £150

Application form

WaveStone Tool

The WaveStone Cellulite Course

This course focuses on cellulite massage and is principally designed for therapists who are qualified to a minimum of level 3 and have completed our Relaxation Massage including deep tissue course.

It shows candidates how to safely and effectively carry out massage to promote the elimination of cellulite and provides them with the knowledge necessary to develop six week treatment programmes for their clients. To be able to apply, you must previously have attended and passed either our Relaxation massage or our Sports massage courses.

This course will cost £150

Application form


I will accept payment via cash, cheque/bank transfer, credit/debit card (including AMEX) and paypal.