"A dull ache in my lower back and tingling in my fingers and toes, were the symptoms I started with. This was giving a reduced sense of feeling and seemed to be turning into neuropathy. Lorraine confirmed that this corresponded to the problem I was experiencing in my lower back, and following various muscle testing techniques found a subluxation of my 3rd lumbar vertebrae. Relief from this debilitating pain and discomfort was achieved by Lorraine using K.O.R.E therapy treatment techniques.

During the treatment, I experienced a feeling of circulation returning and a lifting of pressure. With a number of Kore treatments the symptoms reduced giving me my normal life back. I would not hesitate to return for further treatment if these problems return."
"I have suffered with a neck injury caused by a road traffic accident for almost 40 years. I have stiffness and pain but doctors have said that there is little that can be done other than pain killers. The worst problem is that in bed I am woken 3 and 4 times a night with pins and needles in my fingers. When I explained my problem to Lorraine she said that she believed that she could help me. I have had 2 sessions with her, (Covid 19 interrupted any more), and the results were incredible! After the first session I slept for 6 hours that night without any sensation of pins and needles. This lasted for 3 nights which was wonderful! After the second session the results lasted even longer. I can't wait to get back to the treatment. Lorraine is a complete professional, she is very knowledgeable and has a very calm and caring manner which puts you completely at ease and confident that she will be able to help. I would not hesitate to recommend her for treatment."
"After suffering with regular migraine due to issues with my jaw I went to Lorraine to have a K.O.R.E therapy treatment. The treatment included muscle tests to identify the cause of getting migraines, following one treatment there was a noticed improvement in the regularity and intensity of my migraines"
"Lorraine first took a look at my legs after suffering tight hamstrings and calves and lower back pain. After receiving a sports massage treatment I had instant relief with greatly improved flexibility letting me continue with my active lifestyle pain free! Would highly recommend"
"I would definitely recommend Kore therapy, after one treatment I could move my frozen shoulder more than I have been able to for months, and after a course of treatments, my back and neck feel much freer than they have for years."

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